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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 13, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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chicago police are looking for the person who shot and killed a coke outside of a south side restaurant where he worked for two decades good afternoon everyone i am robert jordan and for steve sanders. and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web jae miller air is an bronzeville with the latest live report ... 24 year-old joshua hudgins worked at alice's
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barbecue for nearly 24 years but his life was cut short that last night when he was gunned down right in front of the restaurant that he loved to work get some mileage ... he was a cut at alice's barbecue he was working late last night when he was taking a smoke break someone drove by and opened fire. heavy hearts today here at alice's barbecue at 43rd and south wabash as a beloved coke was gunned down in for another restaurant ... he was a great guy even heard anyone everybody knew him and he knew everybody else ... he was taking a smoking break around 9:00 last night when someone in subtle light colored vehicle drove by and open fired ... >>he was an out there for a minute he lit the cigarette by the time it took one puff he was
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on the ground ... he was on the ground ... he was shot in the chest ... a fellow co-worker said that there was nothing he could do >>i ran out there i was yelling at him open your eyes up open your eyes up you know he never made it ... police believe that the shooter was aiming for someone else ... surveillance cameras at the scene may have captured the shooting those who knew him say he was getting ready to celebrate his 20 anniversary here at alice's ... >>he had a family as a family man it just hurts. >>police are looking for a light colored vehicle possibly a chevrolet impala huggins was a married father of four. he was a
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devoted father an excellent cook and a tremendous person overall just someone who will be greatly messed ... >>issed.. at least one person was killed in this week's violent storm. 72 year-old daniel toro of chicago died yesterday afternoon he died after a large tree branch fell on to his car while he was and that the accident happened near ogden and western he leaves behind a wife six children and 10 grandchildren ... >>commonwealth edison says it has now restored electricity to about three-quarters of the homes and businesses that) monday storms the jobs are not over yet they're still 176,000 marriages across the chicago- area the majority continue to be in the northern region where 1- 16,000 customers to on a power
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yet 37,000 managers are reported in the west region 6000 in the south and 16,000 in the city of chicago nancy loo is live with an update in mount prospect ... no power no problem along the 300 block of south pine electricity is out on the west side with those residents are feeling empowered thanks to the residents on the east side ... as you could see we have five or six lines stretched across the street it speaks to our great neighbor we are ... since commonwealth edison may not get this neighborhood on line until friday or saturday people are being resource vote ... >>we have to be resilient in this situation we have it within ourselves to pull together and
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survive the situation as a community ... the same situation developed after the last storm and neighbors know the power sharing drill one neighbor is powering two houses across the street her family is happy to help ... the neighbors are all trying to do the best they can for everyone ... we go up and down the street to see who is we can help out ... the electricity bills will be bigger on one side of this bloc neighbors have that taken care of a case of wine or a good favor will go a long way to help no one ever asks for reimbursement ... without asking neighbors will likely reciprocate with whatever they can do for one another and lots of neighborly support reporting from mount prospect i'm nancy loo ...
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>>and accused cold case murder may be linked up to 10 other homicides mucker garguilo was charged last week with the 1993 murder of tricia paccacio the 18 year-old was stabbed to death that sutter home and glenview garguilo is currently being held in california for murdering two women and attempting to murder another but it detected in california tells the sun-times that garguilo had mentioned he had worked as an air-conditioner repairmen and homes where 10 other women were killed cook county prosecutors say they don't believe that that statement is enough to link him to those other murders ... evidence that could support an alibi of another cold case murder suspect has been destroyed. jack daniel mccullough was charged this month in the 1937 murder of maria ridolph the 7 year-old victim was inducted in sycamore before her body was dumped.
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mccullough is being held in jail and seattle last week he told chicago tribune that he had an ironclad alibi because he was taking medical exams for the military in chicago at that time but records that may have confirmed that claim were destroyed in a fire in st. louis in 1973 ... former mayor daley may be losing some of his police security sooner than expected mayor emanuel says that he will be evaluating mayor daley's need for five officers later this summer he said that daley's security detail was always meant to be temporary and transitional the city has been treasury police officers from security detail for security detail for alderman ed burke and replacing them with two retired officers ... a reversal of vacation policy for the top brass at the chicago police department could limit payouts
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to the superintendent and top commanders former superintendent jody weis walked with $76,000 in unused vacation days under a policy that he put into place according to the sun-times superintendent care mccarthy reversed policy that allows command staff to carry over up to 39 vacation days from year to year garry mccarthy reverse the policy back to the previous maximum of 25 days a year the paper says that more than a thousand city employes were paid over $7 million in unused vacation days since september ... the latest on the debt ceiling negotiations ... more than a dozen people were injured in a series of explosions in the
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with lawmakers at the white house today on how to solve the country's soaring debt the deficit is near its maximum legal limit of 14.3 trillion dollars. the obama administration says that the amount of debt cannot be increased by august 2nd the country will default on its loans. yesterday the president and democratic and republican leaders met for two hours. the gop insisted that they cannot agree to any deal if it calls for raising taxes. the president warned if the deal is not reached the can't guarantee social security checks can go out ... >>our bottom line is this: the white house will have to approve the cuts it was climbing to support our real and enforceable before republicans can sign off on any plan to endorse them ... >>upholding the bedrock promise of medicare and social security is vital to our country's women women are families' primary care givers and health providers
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women live longer have lower incomes and have more chronic conditions. treasury secretary tim guy thinner wants a deal by the end of this week or the next week at the latest sign that congress will have enough time to turn that agreement into law. >>securities hunter ended the after explosions and mumbai killed at least 13 people and injured 100 more explosions occurred during the three busy commercial areas during the evening rush-hour one of the areas is near a train station used by millions of commuters india officials tighten security renner the country this is the biggest attack on the city since 2008 armed pakistan he's killed 160 people ... >>federal investigators said that documents taken from the osama bin laden's pakistan compound show that he was involved in london bombings in 2005. officials said that bin laden was in close contact with
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al-qaeda militants before and during the attacks. 52 people were killed by suicide bombers aboard three trains and one bus in those attacks officials say that it was the last successful operation that osama bin laden had played our role and materials collected from the compound and may do not suggest you directly involved in any current plot ... >>new hollandhomeland security documents show that there have been more than 25,000 airport security breaches nationwide since 2001 documents also show more than 14,000 people entered limited access areas the chairman of the house subcommittee on national security says it's clear airports are not secure a t. s.a. spokesman says the breach is represented only a tiny fraction of air travelers ... >>a california woman is still on $1 million bond accused of drugging her estranged husband and cutting off his penis 48
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year-old catherine becker told police her husband " deserve to " police say she drugged his food to make a sleepy and sliced off his penis with a knife police issued through the body part into the garbage disposal at their condominium that she called 911 has been was taken to hospital for surgery backer is charged with aggravated mayhem poisoning and other charges ... video evidence has been released in the case against a california couple held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years and one of those videos a parole officer searches the home of a registered sex offender phillip garrido this was something that happened during the years he and his wife nancy held jaycee dugard captive ... the tape was made by nancy garrido dugard was being held only 30 ft. away from where the camera took shots it was released by the eldorado county d.a.'s office in part to highlight the mistakes made the 18 years the garrido is held her captive phillip garrido father
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to children with jaycee dugard the garridos pleaded guilty and are serving long prison sentences ... is search and rescue group that helped look for caylee anthony was filing suit to get money back from her mother casey anthony texas at research used more than 4200 volunteers in the search for caylee anthony the two year-old girl's body was found in december of 2008 casey anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter last week to choose convicted of lying to police about a daughter's disappearance the suit by equsearch says casey anthony gave false information to the group when she knew her daughter was dead ... opening statements are under way in the perjury trial of former star pitcher roger clemens he is accused of lying to congress when he testified in never used steroids or human growth hormones clemens a former trainer brian mcnamee told a
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house panel rejected roger clemens several times with the banned substances other former baseball stars could be called to testify that includes jose canseco barry bonds and sluggers sammy sosa ... the day's top business stories and a lunch break are coming up next ... at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car
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welcome back ... the federal reserve chairman testified on capitol hill saying that the
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central bank will take additional action if the economy is in danger of stalling ... this means buying more government bonds adding that the federal reserve still has the tools necessary to aid in a recovery ... this is the first announcement since that terrible june jobs report from last friday ... netflix customers are outraged at this after netflix announced a 60 percent price hike for users wanting unlimited ddt and streaming options ... many people say that they will cancel their subscriptions ... there are more than 35,000 comments on blocks and twittered messages and face books ... kpmg surveyed executives who think
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that mobile payments will become mainstream in a few short years ... last week we reported that fandango sold out of harry potter merchandise ... here is the question what to mills\ \ \ \ \ \ \ do nelson mandela
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teddy roosevelt and golda maier have in common? they all possessed the is central traits of great leadership so how can you be a great leader? jennifer we call this year from trib-u ... why goal is here from trib-u ... we have notes on leadership a great leader will change perspective and not be affected if subordinates shine ... there are four traits the experts note that will put you on the path to being a good leader ... 1: know yourself be authentic know who you are and know what you want
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being specific about your message ... to: make yourself someone others want to follow ... earn the privilege to leave everyday ...d everyday.. we have some many examples teddy roosevelt, martin luther king jr. ... and mother teresa for example ... george washington earned it a privilege to leave every single daythe privilege to lead
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every sin gle day.. >>tell me about the book where this came ... the good moraleanddoug moran wrote the book.. it explorer's character and leadership there's quite a lot to think about. you can spot a good leader right away as well as a bad one ...
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it's expected to create more than 1000 jobs, but it's also raising concerns about its possible impact on the environment monica schneider is live on the southeast side with
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details of the coal to gas plant ... more than 1200 jobs will be brought to the chicago economically challenged southeast side ... the down side is more pollution in an area that has seen quite a lot of it already and the associated health hazards ... this is the former republic steel site the plan is to turn it into a coal gasification plant the company is new york based acadia.. governor quinn signed a bill today to pave the way for this new alternative energy source ...
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this is all about a $3 billion investment that will create construction jobs and other operational jobs and hopefully more coal mining jobs for people in this country ... thousands of local men and women will be put to work with good paying jobs at a time when jobs are more important and more needed than ever ... behind me is a perfect example of what our economy has become in illinois and in this country this is a symbol of a wasted area of land a site that is acres' long and acres wide with no jobs getting created no productivity ... we are turning a corner in this country to get back to what we need here in this country and in
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illinois more jobs ... the area is already residents say up to the limit in pollution and they're concerned about particulate matters that will contribute to more pollution and the atmosphere and the ground ... piles and piles of coal you see here stretch on for miles and people that live a few blocks from here especially the high school and elementary school and some of those parks and playgrounds and little league fields all of this will create particles of dust in the air which can be proven to cause asthma and other respiratory problems ... area homeowners here on the south side are already wiping coal soot off of their cars and
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possessions for quite some time now ... this is beyond the jobs the brownfield damage to site will get cleaned up before the plant gets billed and once the plant is in place there will be lower commissions than for example the art institute of chicago ... you could give your air- conditioning a break today ... tom skilling is next
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tom skilling is here and very happy with a beautiful gorgeous day here in chicago ...
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this is the coolest we have ban and nearly three weeks under 80 degrees this breaks the 17th consecutive day chain of 80 plus degree temperatures ... there is even some relief from the heat down state ... but there is a significant heat dome over texas ... a high-pressure system is causing winds to rotate over lake superior ... the humid air
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is being pushed off to the periphery of the hot air mass ... downstate there were held wind thunder two and a half inches of accumulated rain which marked the end of that heat wave. we are 13 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. this weekend is when the heat and humidity will begin to re- enter our area temperatures will hit 91 on saturday and 95 on sunday that will be a multi day heat wave marked the beginning
12:35 pm
of this summer's most prolonged hot spell ... there seven t70 degree temperatures up into the great lakes and by the way there is still eyes on hudson bayice on hudson bay.. but we're loving that cool canadian air mass right now ... it's a gorgeous day for our mariners out there on lake michigan it could be a bit choppy however.
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with the east wind at the temperatures of the water will be coming up again ... the allergy factors are low to moderate today. from chicago to glenn coe and north burke we have our temrthbrook we see the temperatu res.. and inland temperatures.. downstate it still feels pretty warm but it is a lot better than it was they were seeing hundred degree temperatures ...
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here is the jet stream forecast ... the heat will build out to the west end and to the area over the weekend. friday morning it runs itself wordsouth and allows heat to take hold by sunday and monday... but for the short term here in chicago and we will be at 75 today the coolest we've been in three weeks tonight will be gorgeous clear comfortable low 62 mid-50s in the and on locations it will be mostly sunny tomorrow high-temperature
12:39 pm
a one mid-70s at the lake friday some overcast ... we may have some gusty thunderstorms will get up into the low or middle '80s and in the heat starts for the weekend i will update you on that we can forecast before we sign off today ... thanks tom alive illinois lottery drawing is coming up next
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women who work for the city of chicago may become entitled to paid maternity leave mayor rahm emanuel administration is reviewing the cities simply leave policies including whether women should enjoy paid maternity leave as it stands now women usually lumped together their unused sick days vacation days and unpaid family leave time to take time off after having her baby ... michigan officials said the family of betty ford are preparing for the thousands expected to pay their respects to the late firstly at the gerald r. ford museum. a service was held in california it was attended by secretary of state hillary clinton first lady michele obama, first loafformer first
12:46 pm
ladies rosalynn carter and nancy reagan and former president george w. bush tonight and tomorrow admirers are expected to line up at the museum where mrs. ford will be laid to rest later this week next to her husband ... >>and medical watch ... do you have an obese trial? you shouldn't use custody that is the recommendation from a doctor says not helping your child lose weight is like neglecting their needs ... and that 2 million american children are extremely obese. most are not imminent danger but some have type 2 diabetes and other problems that could be fatal by age 30 a physician wrote a commentary in the journal of the american medical association suggesting that foster care may be the answer at least temporarily obesity specialist dr. david ludwig says that the point is not to blame parents but to act
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in the children's best interest and get them help the parents cannot provide new hope for those looking for protection against hiv infection and a cdc study of more than 1200 men and women and botswana have received an hiv treatment killedpill called truvada the others received a placebo researchers say those receiving the real bill lower the risk of infection by 68 percent and in that study run by the university of washington won in 4700 heterosexual couples either got an hiv treatment or a placebo treatment or a placebo ... scientists said the medications reduce the risk of infection by 62-7% ... for years we've been told drinking a glass of water a day is good for our health to help lose weight prevent kidney damage and carry
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their elements but no new study says there's no evidence drinking much water will do you any good the study was published in the british medical journal that said drinking water when you're not thirsty can actually hurt your ability to concentrate the author claims the benefits of water are often exaggerated by those who profit from it like bottled water industry ... the people who brought us the got milk ads over the years are out with a new campaign that takes on a sensitive subject it's creating quite a buzz the campaign from california milk processor board asks got pms get milk it talks about studies have shown councilman gary millikan reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome ... what makes an unusual set the ad campaign is aimed at man ... what is that? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ]
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s do you think you have a budding bobby flay or megan next rick bayless.. next month north shore culinary school corner coax will host the summer cooking camp for kids here to tell us about it is chef larry smith from corner cokes and jerry's restaurant and he is joined by some of our future chefs ... >>we're thinking of adding a third week the current to reprogram it is all filled up right now the kids come in and they cook for three days on the fourth day they come in later and they serve and cook the food
12:52 pm
for their parents but they prepare everything from scratch under our constructioninstruction.. and they also learn how to prepare a dinner party and some in the kids are watching the food network right now so we took a lot of these recipes from the food network ... one of these kids is doing a port enchiladas from bobby flay and it we have a macaroni and cheese recipe from polythenpaula deene.. >> on learning that there's lots of ingredients in food and you can do stuff to make it taste better ...
12:53 pm
>>i'm making guacamole for these enchiladas. >>you are making one of my favorites ... i am making ms. paulus macaroni and cheesemiss paula deene's mac n cheese >>usually the kids want to move a bit too fast so we have to work on slowing them down and the hardest day as the first today with teaching them about
12:54 pm
knife work ... but after the first half-hour of instruction and keeping an eye on them they do pretty well ... >>but you are empowering them larry ... >>yes they do all the prep work and the knife cuts and the roasting in the sauteing and a grilling everything we are there with them but they are they're doing everything ... it can be complicated for the kids cooking an entire meal the parents must be amazed ... >>the kids off and go home and do other things where they have utilize techniques that they learned in the class's and for me that's the most satisfying thing about this program and the
12:55 pm
biggest surprise is the previous knowledge these kids come in with from watching their favorite food network television shows or the cooking channel ... i never obtained these skills until i was well into my 20s and off on my own their talking about how to substitute ingredients or they're referring to things like they're blancbuerre blanc.. the kids have to be at least eight years old and as old as 14 years old ... to attend the program ... corner coax is located at 5 07 chestnut street in winnetka corner coke's summer kids culinary camp will take place august 1st thru august 4th and we may be adding more on the schedule ... for more
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information on today's recipe is or to watch this segment again or more information on the camp just log onto ...
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my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient
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absorption my body needs. citracal. it is absolutely gorgeous outside we have sunshine and low humidity we're 10 degrees below normal lots of sunshine it will be this way for the next day and half or so ... we will see some rain in the forecast in the upper midwest and some distinct small clusters ... that will move closer to us by friday night maybe we'll get
12:59 pm
some gusty thunderstorms before the weekend ... it will be in the upper 60s and low 70 is at the beaches in the mid-70s inland and overnight it will be in the '50s or '60s ... humidity will begin to increase on friday it will go into the '80s and we will get into 90 degree temperatures over the weekend ... here we are looking at the forecast for early next week and once the heat arrives it will stick around for a while ... 81 degrees tamara 74 degrees today enjoy it while you can ... >>that's it think you for watching us today we


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